What Types of Carpets That McDonough Carpet Cleaning Can Maintain?

07/07/14 | by Sandy Raynor [mail] | Categories: Carpet cleaning

McDonough Carpet Cleaning is ready to protect your carpet no matter what the occasion is. Check out the list below to see what kind of carpet you have.

Berber Carpet:

The Berber carpet has fibers that have large uncut loops. The loops of the fibers have different sizes. The carpet can be cleaned earlier as long as dirt sits on top of the loops. If dirt gets lodged in the loops of the fibers, the carpet may be difficult to clean.

The Berber carpet is not ideal for houses that have animals because their claws rip the fibers. It cushions your body when you are on top of it. It also hides stain and dirt with its patches of color. It's highly resistant and thicker than other carpets.

Acrylic Carpet:

The acrylic carpet is soil-resistant and static-resistant. It can be easily cleaned by McDonough Carpet Cleaning and can dry immediately when wet. This carpet is available in various colors and does not fade when exposed to sunlight. It can be easily dyed in bright colors and can be cleaned by a washing machine.

Olefin Carpet:

The olefin carpet has residual oil that adheres dirt. The carpet contains residual oil while undergoing a manufacturing process. This carpet may last 10 years because it may be difficult to extract residual oil.

Polypropylene Carpet:

The polypropylene carpet is resistant to static, moisture, staining, and mildew. It may flatten or fade when exposed to sunlight.

Level Loop Carpet:

The level loop carpet has fibers that have uncut loops with equal heights. This carpet is harder and stiffer than other carpets. It can be easily maintained by McDonough Carpet Cleaning.

Saxony Carpet:

The saxony carpet has fibers that are clipped to 0.5-inch high. Its fibers create a fuzzy surface. It's prone to vacuum marks and footprints.

Frieze Carpet:

The frieze carpet has short fibers that curl in different directions. It also hides footprints and vacuum marks.

Polyester Carpet:

The polyester carpet is stain-resistant, but not as durable as the nylon carpet. It's non-allergenic and can be susceptible to shedding and producing small fluffy balls. It resists moths and sheds moisture.

The carpet is commonly available in different colors and textures. It's also the easiest carpet that can be cleaned by McDonough Carpet Cleaning. It becomes flat when heavy objects are placed on top of it repeatedly.

The color of the polyester carpet does not fade overtime. It may be environmental-friendly if it's manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. But it may not last long when created from recycled plastic bottles.

Plush Carpet:

The plush carpet has fibers that are unevenly cut. It's treated with protective chemicals and is encountered in homes. The protective chemicals repel dirt and stains. An individual can sit on this carpet because it offers cushion even though it does not have a pad underneath.

Nylon Carpet:

The nylon carpet is a non-allergenic that can resist mildew and soil. It's more durable than synthetic carpets. It's prone to static and can form small fluffy balls. It retains its original appearance longer than other synthetic carpets. It can also return to its original form after being pressed, bent, or stretched.

Wool Carpet:

The wool carpet has tightly-packed fibers that resist stain, dirt, and soil. It's usually more expensive than synthetic carpets. The carpet may be blended with polyester or polyamide so that it can become more durable and can reduce shedding.

Textured Carpet:

The textured carpet does not show footprints and vacuum marks on its surface. The reason for this is that its spiral fibers don't reflect light. It's also one of the carpets that can be cleaned by McDonough Carpet Cleaning.


Silicone Wristbands and Awareness Campaigns

06/16/14 | by Brett Conner [mail] | Categories: Accessories

Silicone wristbands are inexpensive to make and distribute. Therefore, they are an increasingly favored means of promoting awareness campaigns. As a result, custom silicon wristbands are also known as awareness wristbands or awareness bracelets.

Custom silicon wristbands first came into fashion in the eighties, but it was not until 2004 when former cyclist Lance Armstrong popularized the trend with his live strong yellow wristbands to raise cancer awareness. Armstrong himself was a cancer sufferer, but he beat the odds and won the Tour de France for many years.

Nowadays, custom silicon wristbands can be made and distributed as a reasonably-priced way to promote awareness campaigns that are mostly focused on certain diseases and social issues. They come in several colors, and most organizations carry over the colors used in traditional awareness ribbons to these longer-lasting bands as a way to embed their awareness campaigns in people’s minds.

• The white band is used for lung cancer awareness and anti-pornography campaigns.

• The orange band is used for awareness of leukemia, multiple sclerosis, malnutrition, kidney cancer,and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also used in campaigns against animal abuse and self-injury.

• The zebra-patterned band is used for awareness of rare diseases such as tumors attacking the nervous and endocrine systems.

• The yellow band is used for awareness of bone cancer and liver diseases. It is also utilized in campaigns calling for the giving of moral support to soldiers, offering prisoners a new lease in life, and suicide prevention.

• The puzzle-patterned band is used for autism awareness.

• The blue band is used for awareness of colon cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Cohn’s disease, and Huntington’s disease. It is also employed in campaigns against child abuse, bullying, human trafficking, and sex slavery. It is also used to promote online freedom of speech and recovery from all types of addictions.

• The light blue band is used to raise awareness of prostate cancer.
• The jade band is used to raise awareness of hepatitis B and liver cancer.

• The blue denim band is used to raise awareness of several genetic disorders.

• The purple band is used to raise awareness of cancers that attack a woman’s reproductive system as well as many other cancers, epilepsy, drug overdose, migraine, lupus, stroke, cystic fibrosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. It is also applied in campaigns regarding crimes against LGBT persons and homophobia, domestic violence, protection of orca whales, and child neglect.

• The periwinkle band is used to raise awareness of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating; cancers of the stomach and esophagus; and pulmonary hypertension.

• The pink and blue band is used to raise awareness of male breast cancer, infertility, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

• The red band is used to raise awareness of AIDS, substance abuse, and heart disease. It also signifies an advocacy for software freedom.

• The gray band is used to raise awareness of borderline personality disorder, brain cancer, and asthma.

• The black band is used to raise awareness of melanoma, black lung, and sleep apnea. It is also used to remember 9/11 and the Virginia Tech massacre, as well as to advocate against transgender hate crimes and domestic violence against men.

• The pink band is well-known to be a symbol of breast cancer awareness.

• The green band is used to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, kidney cancer, and bipolar disorder. It is also used to remember the Sandy Hook shooting as well as to advocate for aging research, organ transplant and donation, environmental protection, pedestrian safety, mental health, and support for public school students and teachers.

Custom silicon wristbands can also be used in marketing and political campaigns as well as solidarity with sports teams and non-profit organizations for the same purposes and reasons as awareness campaigns.

Golf Shoes and Other Shoes

05/11/14 | by Dale Ferguson [mail] | Categories: Sports Accessories
One common concern of people who are beginners in the game of golf is whether or not it is necessary to immediately purchase and wear golf shoes from the start of the training. This apprehension is due to the fact that a pair of shoes for golf can be a bit expensive. Most entry-level shoes are in fact available on the market for at least fifty dollars. There are some beginner golfers who do not want to buy a pair of shoes specifically-crafted for the golf course, because they are still undecided on whether they plan to play golf regularly or just occasionally.

So, instead of golf shoes, most beginners choose to wear a pair of either average sneakers or tennis shoes. The truth is that the type of shoes that a player wears in the golf course will certainly have an effect not only on his performance, but also on his whole playing experience on the golf course. With that said, it can be concluded that sporting sneakers or tennis shoes are not highly recommended for several obvious reasons.

Anyone who plans to play golf for a longer period should be aware why it is better to get a pair of golf shoes instead of opting for regular sneakers or shoes that are manufactured exclusively for another sport.

First of all, a regular sneaker is not equipped with the necessary traction that is basically required to play properly. Shoes made for the game of golf are undeniably crafted with additional traction on the soles. Metal spikes have been used for extra traction in the past but due to technological developments and environmental reasons, plastic rounded attachments or nubs have been introduced. These nubs offer stability and traction just like metal spikes. The only difference is that nubs are more environment-friendly because they do not damage the green and fairways of the golf course.

Next, an average athletic shoe that is not fabricated to be used in the golf course does not have weather protection. A beginner golfer oftentimes reasons out that it is acceptable to wear non-golf shoes because he will never play under the rain. But, more often than not, a golfer will be playing a golf course wherein the grass remains dewy or slightly wet because it rained the night before. Even a tennis shoe which can be used outdoors can easily get soaked with just wet grass. No golfer wants to play or walk around wearing wet shoes because doing so isn’t comfortable. Most shoes made especially for golf are oftentimes water resistant and some brands offer waterproof ones.

Third, a golf shoe offers support and breathability, which can never be provided by regular athletic shoes. These benefits are important because playing golf means walking towards several golf balls and making a number of shots. Even though a golfer can ride a golf cart, his feet will absolutely feel tired. It is a given fact that a golf shoe is made in such a way that it ensures comfort all throughout the day.

Lastly, a beginner golfer should without doubt wear golf shoes in the course because not sporting a pair will make him look incomplete. Believe it or not, most golfers, novices and experts alike, wear golf-specific shoes in golf clubs and even in public golf courses. Well, in fact, most golf courses now require players to wear proper shoes.  

Buying golf equipment can be expensive but anyone who plans to learn and play golf must consider that this as an investment that does not only help in improving one’s game but also ensures an enjoyable time in the course.

Getting to Know TL-15 Safes

05/06/14 | by Erik Payne [mail] | Categories: Safety Products
If anyone has ever wanted to keep something safe, they’ve probably explored a lot of options. People usually hide something of great value in a place no one but them would expect. They put in all kinds of protection, from camouflage to things that could hurt anyone who discovers that hiding place. But what if someone broke through all of that? What can stop them? Well, in the 1820’s, someone found a solution: the safe. Today, people have secure storage boxes such as TL-15 safes in their list of options.  

What is a Safe?

A safe, as defined by many websites, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, is a secure lockable box that you can use as storage for valuable items, such as documents, jewellery, money, or anything else that you might deem valuable. It is made out of thick sheets of metal and has a door with any of these three locking mechanisms:
  • Lock and key
  • Combination lock
  • Electronic lock

Although the safe people know today came out around 1820, the idea of putting something away in a secure box has been around for ages. During ancient times, people would put away valuable things inside sealed rooms, chests, or metal boxes, the last one kick-starting the idea of building a safe.

The safe’s purpose, as the name implies, is to keep anything placed in it safe. But what it keeps it safe from varies. There are a lot of hazards out there, and as far as the modern safe is concerned, here are a few things that it protects against:

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • The environment

Safes are usually rated for either burglary or fire protection, although there are those that protect against both. There are even high-end safes that protect against almost anything you can think of throwing at it, even bombs.

How a safe protects against something usually tells how it is constructed: everything from the thickness of the metal used, to the kind of lock, even down to what holds it together. All of these are dictated by what it will protect from. Materials and designs used for a fire-proof safe may not necessarily protect against burglars and vice-versa, so be sure not to mix those two up.

Safe versus Vault

These two words are often used interchangeably by a lot of people. When you’re new to the idea of protecting something by storing it in a secure “box,” it’s hard to differentiate the two.

At its core, a safe is no different from a vault. They both offer protection from burglars, fire, and other hazards. They’re both built from thick steel that’s extremely hard to penetrate, and have locks that come in all shapes and sizes.

However, there is one striking difference between these two: size. While you can build a safe that’s no larger than the item you’re putting in it, a vault is literally the size of a room, sometimes even larger. While you can build a safe that’s big enough for a person to fit in, it usually isn’t big enough for them to walk around in it. Vaults offer protection for a large amount of items to be securely stored in one place, whereas safes are really more into protecting only one or two kinds of items.

Ratings for Safes

A safe isn’t really safe until someone gives it a seal of approval. This is why you see ratings from the Underwriters Laboratories.  TL-15 safes are certified to withstand a burglar coming at it with common tools for fifteen minutes. TL-15 safes are the most common of all safes, next to fire safes. TL-15 safes offer the most affordable yet reliable protection against common household burglars.

The Basics of Choosing Misting Fans

04/25/14 | by Paul Collins [mail] | Categories: Small Business

There are plenty of misters out there to choose from and finding out which one of them is the right one can be quite a challenge. This is especially true for the type of person who knows little or nothing about what makes a good mist fan.

Before making a decision on which mist fan they should get, people need to learn more about the fundamental basics of how these things work and how they are built. This should be done in order to avoid any sort of problem when the moment comes for the person to choose which mist fan they want. The thought of finding a good mist fan can be intimidating, but it does not have to be.

Here are a few things people can learn about choosing which mist fan to buy.

Looking at the construction of misters

One of the most important things to take note of when buying a misting fan is the construction. Mist fans are made of either metal or plastic. Choosing which kind of mist fan depends largely on what it will be used for.

Plastic mist fans are cheaper than metal versions. This is true for the simple reason that plastic is a lot cheaper to produce than metal. The downside is that plastic mist fans are more likely to break than metal mist fans. However, if the mist fan will be employed for indoor use then a plastic mist fan will do just fine. It is only when the mist fan is exposed to the elements when the owner should start worrying about the plastic mist fan breaking down.

Metal mist fans are more expensive, but are usually worth the asking price as they are a lot more durable than the plastic variant. Metal mist fans are the best solution for those who plan on using the mist fan outdoors. Metal mist fans are more than capable of withstanding the punishment that Mother Nature can dish out. This is also the ideal choice for those who want to get the most mileage out of their mist fan.

Doing a background check on the company

Conducting a background check on the company is very important. There are a lot of companies out there that sell misters. Ideally, all of these companies would be good at what they do. They would sell products at a reasonable price and their products would work as advertised. In the real world however, some companies like to promise more than their products can deliver.

Try to do a background check on the company and see how long they have been in the business of selling misting fans. The products of a company are usually good if the company has been around for a long time. Their long term presence is a result of their ability to produce excellent products.

Looking at online resources to determine the reputation of the company also would not hurt. There are so many companies that create misters and the vast majority of them have some online presence.

Looking at product reviews on the internet

Another thing people ought to do before they decide on choosing which misting fan to get is to get some feedback on the internet. There are plenty of websites that give reviews on products like this. These articles are written and intended for the consumer audience.

However, caution and skepticism should still be exercised when reading reviews on misting fans. There are some reviews which are paid for by companies in order to generate a good reputation for their product. Take every review with a grain of salt, or a truck load if it seems too good to be true.

Try gathering all the information on a misting fan then cross referencing them against one another to find out which issue is a recurring feature.

Keep these simple tips in mind and finding misters should not be that big of a problem.

Knowing how to provide better tweets: The solution for people who buy youtube likes

04/24/14 | by Paul Collins [mail] | Categories: Social Media

Youtube has proven its worth as an effective social media website to market businesses. Even its 140 character limit is enough for tweets that can promote the products and services that you’re offering. Aside from this unique characteristic of your posts, it also has the “follower” system, which aim is to promote the credibility and reputation of the business (similar to bandwagon).

The relationship between tweets and likes

Businesses that rely on websites such as Youtube for their marketing know that in order for people to get interested on the company, they need to get the potential customers hooked by providing content. This can refer to informative or enticing articles or videos, promos, and the like. If this happens continuously, customers will want to stay updated with the company by being a follower.

Simply put, the number of likes that the business will have depend on the quality of their tweets.

Doing it the easy way

Some businesses decide to just buy youtube likes to directly increase the number rather than focus on providing interesting tweets. Although it isn’t necessarily illegal to buy youtube likes, especially active users, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the business can be interesting enough for other people to follow them.

Getting rid of buying likes

youtube likesAside from the development of programs that will determine which businesses buy youtube likes; another way to get rid of this practice is to teach business owners as to how they can provide quality tweets. By doing so, it will stop the buying of likes on Youtube as well as gaining genuine likes who will actively help you in marketing the business.

Tips for a better business tweet

The following tips will serve as a guide for business owners who want to provide interesting tweets and entice people to be your follower – without paying them.

• Actively share interesting content – even if Youtube limits your post to 140 characters per tweet, you can make use of this limitation by just providing links where business-related content that you want to share is located. This can also help drive traffic to the website where the content was posted, especially if it was made by an individual that is not part of your company. This will spark interest to your customers, as well as compel the content provider to do something in return for sharing their link (they may follow you back or mention you in a reply/post).

• Provide exclusive deals to your Youtube likes – rather than buy youtube likes, another method of increasing the number of your likes without spending too much is by giving discounts or special deals that can only be availed by your Youtube likes. The “reward” that you will give them is good enough for them to continue staying as your follower. This may even result into more likes (and sales) for you since posts related to discounts or deals spread faster.

• Reply to posts or questions posted on your page – businesses can improve a great deal by listening to what people have to say. By replying to a person’s post or question, you can show them that you listen to and value their opinions or that you want to help those who have questions. Even the 140 characters can keep customers satisfied in doing business with you.

• Post icebreakers as well – every once in a while, you need to keep your customers entertained. You can do so by providing jokes, pictures, or videos that can give them some laughs. Your post may even be re-tweeted and make your business reach more people.

• Share your accomplishments – are there any great news related to your business such as awards or getting featured somewhere? These are also worth tweeting about. By doing so, you can let your likes know that they are a part of a wonderful business.

Stopping businesses to buy youtube likes is only possible if an alternative activity that can help increase the number is presented to them. The tips enumerated above will help them develop their skills in tweeting and eventually stop this practice.

3 Things To Consider About Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

03/11/14 | by Paul Collins [mail] | Categories: Law

There are a lot of different problems that can arise for someone that is taken into custody. Whether or not you are guilty of the crime that you're being taken into custody for shouldn't matter, it's imperative that you do not panic. If you are not in custody, but rather have a friend or family member that is dealing with the law, then it's important for them to take the same advice. Overall, it's imperative to look for a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney online and make sure that a proper defense can be made. There are 3 things you should consider about this, lest the legal system run over your rights.
Admitting Guilt

First and foremost, if you call a professional to help you, you're not admitting to anyone that you're guilty. Often time's people are afraid of what happens if they call in a lawyer, and that's not a good place to be. Do not assume that because you're going to call a professional to help you, that you're admitting guilt. That is not the case at all, as that just means you're going to be moving forward with your rights. People often times forget that they have certain unalienable rights when facing a judge, or court case of any type.

Experienced Legal Defense

The next thing to consider is in regards to finding a good lawyer. Make sure that you look for a criminal defense attorney, and not just any legal firm. You want someone that specializes in the law that you're up against, and no one else. Even if you're offered a free helping hand from the public defender's office, take the choice to hire someone that is dedicated to your case alone. Once hired, an attorney will come in and tell you what to do, and what to expect from the legal system ahead.

Guilty or Not Guilty

It's important that you consider what you're being accused of and whether or not you're going to plead guilty or not guilty. For those that are innocent, speaking with a legal professional is imperative, because they will know what defenses work well. If you're guilty, do not panic, stay calm and let an attorney handle the next steps. You may be surprised by the outcome that you can have when you allow someone to find a way to get you a reduced sentence or even freedom. This isn't an easy thing, which is why only a legal professional should be fighting your case.

The costs associated with finding and hiring a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney will pale in comparison to having to deal with the problems of getting convicted of a crime. When you're convicted, you could stand to lose your home, family, job, and more. However, when properly defended, your rights will not be taken away, and your life can go back to normal after some time. Without getting help, you will not stand a good chance of battling the criminal justice system, as it can be very tricky to negotiate today.

Improving Customer Service through Live Chat Options

06/06/13 | by Paul Collins [mail] | Categories: Customer Service

Losing customers because of delayed responses to their inquiries will not only affect your revenues but can also affect your image as a business. Customers could feel frustration when they are not provided enough assistance. Probably you have experienced calling an office and no one is answering the phone, and emailing a customer service department and after several weeks you got no reply. If you are disappointed, there is a high chance that you will not anymore buy products from them or avail of their services.

This is the reason why online developers and business experts continue to search great ways in responding to customer inquiries. Faster bullet trains and larger airplanes were developed with the goal of better transportation. Mobile communication and internet technology were developed for faster communication. The fast-changing world requires innovation and flexibility for us to survive. Hence, live chat technology was introduced by business experts and online developers who believe that a business who wants to survive must invest in improving their customer service.

The primary goal of live chat is not only to provide answers instantly but to also improve relationships with your clients through a more humane interaction. When you interact with your clients without delay, you can build a relationship that is founded on a more personalized level. On the other hand, if you just interact through emails, there are still delays that must be filled. There is a gap, a type of wall to enhance a relationship.

There are times that when customers send an email inquiry to a company and they just send a reply containing a scripted message, clients may feel disappointment since the service is not personalized. However, with a live chat support, customers may feel valued since customer service representatives respond promptly to your questions, complaints and feedback.

Live chat support also projects an image that a company is well versed in using modern technology. It provides every customer with an impression that you value development with your customer service. Bear in mind that a business that upholds diversity is a company with a higher chance to prosper. Live chat support also provides each visitor the idea that you value feedback and that you are not holding back to talk to your clients - both satisfied and grudging. This provides you the chance to widen your horizon and tune up your goals. As you study both positive and negative insights, you are gearing your company towards growth.
It is proven and tested that live chat support converts online visitors to loyal customers. Through this, sales could increase as satisfied customers patronize one provider regularly. It all boils down to excellent customer service, regardless of your product types and price range.

Mens Thong: Providing Utmost Support and Comfort

05/13/13 | by Paul Collins [mail] | Categories: Clothing

Mens thong sales continuously increase each year. It was reported that while sales for women?s thongs has fallen in recent years, its male counterparts has continued to increase. More and more men these days are switching to thongs primarily because of the many benefits and advantages it brings. It is sold these days in many top online stores and many designer boutiques.

Thongs and Economic Recovery

It may seem like unrelated and two different things, but many experts say there is a correlation between increased sales of mens thong and economic recovery. Many people are particularly interested in studying the increasing sales of this particular commodity because it recoils on the economic recovery. Sales of thongs for men are regarded as a special indicator of economic recovery because spending on thongs, particularly underwear, are something that most men cut back on during economic recession. Therefore, as sales for underwear or thongs increases, it also means that men are becoming more financially secured so they have more money to spend on underwear.

Women Buying Thongs for Men

Astonishingly, sales of mens thong are not only attributed to men buying it for themselves but also women buying it for their partners. Bulk of the sales of thongs for men is actually due to women buying them. So, what does this mean? This phenomenon simply means that women are actually into men who wear thongs. Just like how men find thongs on women sexy, women also find thongs on men very sexy. They would spend some amount of money to buy thongs for their male partners to make them look and feel sexier as well as more appealing.

Additionally, women like buying thongs for men because they are highly sought after by males. Men like to wear thongs mainly because it is comfortable and provides utmost support in all the right places. Thongs for men are like bras for women; they give you the support that you need while at the same time help keep you comfortable.

Additional Features and Support

Whilst it is true that men buy thongs based on the need for underwear, it should also be recognized that a great factor that comes into play is the additional features and support that it provides. Therefore, as men are particularly fond of the practical features and characteristics of thongs for men, they are also starting to buy thongs for men due to the importance of having great and comfortable support on their private parts.

Mens thong is continuously becoming a trend for men as more realize how comfortable and lightweight this particular underwear can be. It gives them the support that they need while at the same time ensuring that they remain comfortable in it.

Simple Cleaning Techniques for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

05/03/13 | by Paul Collins [mail] | Categories: Home Improvement

A significant number of homeowners who have outdoor furniture tend to opt for outdoor wicker furniture. This is largely due to the fact that not only is it durable but it is also low maintenance. By taking good care of your wicker pieces, they tend to last for quite a long time without succumbing to wear and tear. A common misconception that people have though is that wicker is exclusively made from natural fibers. The truth though is you can find wicker furniture made from resin, viro and even plastic! Opting for synthetic wicker is a good choice too as it tends to be more resistant to moisture than its natural counterpart is. In addition to this, it is quite hard to distinguish between the two simply by looking at them so you can still get the same aesthetic appeal as you would with natural wicker.

To ensure that your outdoor wicker furniture stays appealing, you have to clean it on a regular basis. Keep in mind that since it is in the outdoors, the furniture will be exposed to dust and grime on a regular basis. Letting these accumulate will not only be an eye sore but could also affect the structural integrity of the furniture. The good news is cleaning outdoor wicker furniture is not an arduous process. You can start by getting the dust and debris from its fibers by using a vacuum cleaner. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, a simple sturdy brush can do the job too. Do not use a brush that has soft bristles though. You would need one with hard bristles so that it can dislodge any dirt that is being stubborn.

After dusting off the wicker furniture, you would need to wipe it down. Here is where you now have to distinguish between natural wicker and synthetic wicker. Natural wicker should not be exposed to too much water. This is because it will absorb this water and if it does not dry out completely, the wicker will begin to rot. As such, natural wicker should be wiped down rather than washed. You can wipe the wicker with water and a mild soap solution. Ensure that you have removed the cushions first before you do this, as these will need to be cleaned separately. When wiping down the wicker, take measures to ensure that you are not soaking the fibers with too much water. If you find mold on the wicker, use an old toothbrush and some detergent to clean it off. When you are done wiping down the wicker fibers, put the furniture out to dry in some shade.

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